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This amplifier is a standard datasheet application of Tripath TA-2020-020 T-class IC. It offers 20W on 4ohm load with efficienty of up to 88%.

tripath, TA-2020-020 1


The whole amplifier was bought as a AMP6 kit from The PCB board looks really good and the copper on both sides is quite thick. The kit contains only high quality components such as 1% metal film resistors or Panasonic FC input capacitors. Because of such high efficienty the chip doesn't really require a heatsink. I used such a big one only because I had it. Before starting soldering please read the Assemble Manual so that even beginers will cope with building this amplifier. For more information you can visit the AMP 6 forum.

tripath, TA-2020-020 2 tripath, TA-2020-020 3


It's nothing more but an ordinary steel case with aluminium front and back panel. Almost found enough place to put it all together. The toroidal transformer was made specially for audio designs. RCA and speaker conectors seem to be really good gold plated and looks great.

tripath, TA-2020-020 4 tripath, TA-2020-020 5

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