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This is one of my students project. I had to implement and program a minimalistic microprocessor using AHDL language. I used Altera Quartus 5.1 software. For testing I was given an UP3 evaluation board. Results can be seen on the pictures.

It is based on Harvard architecture, so there are separate buses for program and data. Most of instructions are executable in one cycle, so with max clock frequency 75MHz, it gives 75MIPS.

Instruction set:
  • ADD
  • AND
  • DJMP
  • MOV
  • NOP
  • OR
  • POP
  • PUSH
  • RJMP
  • SUB
  • XOR

The full documentation. (Polish)

Altera Cyclone 1

LCD driver:

The first program to test the processor was a simple LCD driver. With a set of functions allowing to init and send data to LCD I had a good base to write other programs.

Altera Cyclone 2

Simple calculator:

I had not enough time to write more ambitious programs as my time with UP3 board was limited. I managed only to write a simple caltulator using build in 4-button keyboard.

Altera Cyclone 3

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