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Manual operations:

All the control is provided by 7 push-button switches:
  • Power
  • Mute
  • Mode
  • OK
  • -
  • +
  • Input

When switching on, the display shows selected input and volume level. When USB input selected where's also information wheather the preamplifier is detached or atached to the other USB device. Digital input shows actuall sampling rate or "Unlocked" when unable to lock SPDIF. There will be "Mute" sign on mute condition and time remaining to switch off, if was set.

Menu options:

  • Input: input
  • Mode: mode
    • Balance: slider, range -8 to +8dB
    • Advanced Settings: avaliable only when Mode = ExtDecoder or SurMatrix; enter on "OK"
      Sets level of surround channels
    • Mode: Stereo; ExtDecoder; SurMatrix; select with "+" and "-"
      Use Stereo for only two channels, ExtDecoder when connected to external surround decoder and SurMatrix to use build-in 7.1 surround matrix
    • Setup: enter on "OK"
    • Return to volume after 5 sec. or by pressing "OK" when not "AdvancedSettings" or "Setup"

  • Advanced Settings: advanced settings
    • To choose setting channel press "Mode"
    • Slider, range -8 to +8dB by "+" and "-" buttons
    • Return to volume after 5 sec. or by pressing "OK"

  • Setup: setup
    • Sleep: Set up to 360 min. after wchich preamp goes to standby mode
    • Triggers: selecting "On" and "Off" for each trigger
    • Input trim: Adjusting input gain for each input, slider, range -1.5, +14.5dB
    • Brightness: setting in four steps from 20 to 100%
    • Mute level: volume set on mute condition; -20, -35, -50, -65dB
    • Voltage: shows +5V condition; Main: checks voltage on secondary wireing; Adj: signal from volt. stabilizers

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