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Author: Jose Roberto Garcia
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Country: Brasil
Home page: brak
Your comments: Hi ! I like your Photos and projects ! Congratulations ! Regards Garcia
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Date: 15:43 23.02.2012

Author: Rolf Randeberg
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Country: Norway
Home page: brak
Your comments: Hi Chris! Very nice function generator you made.I have built one myself, but that did not have so nice output curves as yours. Thanks to you for discovering the problem in the output OP amp. Now I am designing one without the use of any wires and experiment with several OP amps.
Siterate: ggggg
Date: 13:36 18.03.2011

Author: drupa
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Country: España
Your comments: Excellent designs, congratulations Would it be possible to have the PCB with MAX038 function generator? Greetings and all the best Luis
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Date: 23:12 13.07.2010

Author: Alex
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Country: Ukraine
Home page:
Your comments: I really like your preamp project! Man! You"ve done great job!!!
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Date: 22:44 06.11.2009

Author: Dimiter Genov
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Country: Bulgaria
Home page:
Your comments: Very good web site. Really good design. I make some of electronics posted on the site, everything work just perfect. Congratulations! Best Regards.
Siterate: ggggg
Date: 17:26 06.11.2009



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