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This project is the 5 channel amp based on National Semiconductors IC LM3886TF. I've build it for my friend as a part of the home theater system.

LM3886 MultiClone 1


The schematic of separate channel can be seen here. Used componets are Nichicon capacitors in power supply, Panasonic FC near the IC, WIMA at the input, 1% metal film resistors transformer for audio design.

LM3886 board 1

The whole amplifier was divided into two blocks. There are two separate power supplies and heatsinks for main front channels and back channels together with central amp.

LM3886 board 2


The case is a design of my friend who asked me to build it for him. It has aluminium construction with wooden sides and front, back and top panel made of plexa. The other device with the same case style can be found here.

LM3886 MultiClone 2

There are 5 potentiometers to control attenuation of each channel on the front panel. Back panel contains a set of high quality, gold plated input and output connectors.

LM3886 MultiClone 3


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