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This program is one of my student projects and the first written in Java. It is a client-server application to perform matrix operations.


This program sets up the task to be done by server. In connection section there is server port, ip and the task id to be sent or received. There are three basic matrix operations: determinant, inversion and multiplying.

Java Matrix 1

You can enter matrices manually...

Java Matrix 2

...or read them from txt files. Matrix lines are in separate lines in the file. Column separator is space char.

Java Matrix 3

After sending task to the server, there is possibility to store task profile: File->Save. After some time when wanted to check if the task is done File->Open restores the profil and enables easy connection to the server. Results are downloaded by the client and can be seen in the window or saved to the file.

Java Matrix 4


Running the server you choose listening port and max number connected at the same time. The status fields shows numer of clients connected, tasks that are calculating, tasks waiting to be received and the whole numer of finished matrix operations.

Java Matrix 5

Inversion and det are being calculated using Gaussian method. Multiplying is done from the definition and implemented as multi-threaded operation. All the logs can be stored in file.

Java Matrix 6


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